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About Modern Way Designs

James Way is the Founder of Modern Way Designs. He discovered his passion for HTML and CSS coding at an early age. These languages presented him with an opportunity to channel his creativity into something tangible through website design. The more he learned about it, the more he was inspired to use his talent to help others.

Knowing that an education in marketing would only strengthen his abilities, James pursued a degree at Arizona State University. Throughout his studies, he developed a notable design portfolio and gained invaluable work experience. In fact, he was even made Director of a respected marketing agency. After recently achieving his Bachelor’s degree, Way has set his sights on contributing his impressive and cultivated skillsets to the success of the people he serves.

The entrepreneur launched Modern Way Designs in 2016 to offer reliably unparalleled web design to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and larger companies alike. The firm handles projects of any size with confidence, from simple informational sites to large and complex e-commerce platforms and everything in between. They also offer remarkable services in SEO, graphic design, logo creation, and social media management.

This small agency differs from large-scale enterprises in many ways.  Their experts pride themselves on forming close bonds with their clients, committed to earning both their trust and satisfaction.  They do this by producing high-quality work, remaining readily available for communications with their valued customers, and maintaining spectacular turnaround times on every task they take on.  With this team, you won’t be waiting weeks for a response to your urgent question or pressing issue.  They solve your problems promptly, making your needs their top priority.

Modern Way Designs is focused on showcasing your company, products, services, message, and overall vibe in a captivating and genuine way that galvanizes your audience into taking action immediately, whether that translates to a purchase or a booking.  These professionals create flawless, highly functional, and aesthetically-pleasing designs that keep your customers coming back time and time again.  And their cost-effective services are budget-friendly.

Allow Modern Way Designs to materialize your dreams with accuracy and professionalism.  Expect high performance, lasting results, and impeccable communication.  The team pays attention to every detail of your needs and vision to help you reach success.  They know that, to you, this isn’t just a website; it’s a symbol of everything you are.  And they know how to illuminate your business perfectly.  Modern Way Designs: taking your venture to the next level.

Cash High

SEO Specialist

Graduated from Clemson University with a degree in accounting. I have certificates in Search Engine Optimization Specialization and Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce. I am experienced in digital marketing, with a focus on content creation and SEO. I am proficient in developing effective strategies for driving organic traffic and increasing rankings. I possess strong problem-solving skills and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. My goal is to optimize webpages for maximum visibility, profitability and customer satisfaction.